Monterey 5 iST FixSafe I-Size
Child Car Seat

Credits: Diono LLC I White ID

Diono LLC
Sumner, WA 98390

White ID
D-73614 Schorndorf

This seat can accompany children on car journeys for an entire eight years and provides protection that complies with the latest European safety standards. A simple synchronised mechanism adjusts the height and width of the seat to its growing user. Although it looks particularly roomy and comfortable, the seat is in fact designed for compactness to ensure maximum portability. Thanks to an integrated folding function, for instance, it can be compressed down to a volume of 78 litres for transport outside the car, enabling it to be conveniently stowed in overhead lockers. And once it’s needed again, it takes just one simple step and the seat is ready to use.
In addition, the folding function reduces the amount of packaging required by 1 kilogram and the volume by 40 litres – an extremely positive side effect for the manufacturer’s logistics. What’s more, the concept saves 2 kilograms of materials, and the product can later be separated into monomaterials for recycling.

The designers have done an excellent job of combining child-friendly aspects with the aesthetic requirements of vehicle interiors. The
folding function that makes the seat considerably smaller when not in use is particularly outstanding. It is also remarkable that all this has been achieved while simultaneously reducing the amount of materials used.