Daytona Moto Upgrade
Motorcycle Components

Credits: Daytona Corporation

Daytona Corporation
437-0226 Shizuoka, Japan

Nikolaus Tams, Bernd Huth

Giving your motorcycle a classic look doesn’t mean you have to forgo modern technology. The components of this retro kit, for instance, combine LED technology with the kind of round, minimalist design language that’s characteristic of old motorbikes. The set consists of a main headlight and front and rear indicators, the latter of which double as tail and brake lights, resulting in a pleasantly uncluttered rear view. The same round, classic form has been used for the combined gauge, which has analogue needles for speed and revs but a digital odometer and symbols. Both the gauge and the headlamp can be mounted in a variety of ways and all the components comply with European road-legal standards.

A very clever solution for customising motorcycles in keeping with their original style. The technology and appearance of all the individual elements are geared to one another, and the design – in true classic fashion – is deliberately understated.