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Excellence Line
Kitchen Appliances

Credits: V-Zug AG I Milani Design & Consulting AG

V-Zug AG
CH-6305 Zug

Milani Design & Consulting AG
CH-8800 Thalwill 

It took more than three years to complete the development of the hard- and software for the new line of built-in appliances. Besides the design of the fronts, which was not to depart completely from that of previous models, the development of the interface was particularly demanding. It consists of a touchscreen that can be set to display various background motifs. The Circle Slider is part of the screen: a round depression milled into the surface of the glass that permits intuitive adjustments with a simple movement
of the finger. This form of interaction reduces the complexity of the preset digital cooking processes and makes accessing the programs more emotional. At the same time, the slider serves as a characteristic
brand element.

The circular slider enhances the touchscreen by contributing a tactile experience based on analogue
interaction, thus adding an emotional touch to the interface with the digital world and introducing
a new sensory quality.