Jüdisches Museum Göppingen
Exhibition Concept

Credits: Stadt Göppingen I Ranger Design
Jüdisches_Museum_01, Jüdisches_Museum_02Jüdisches_Museum_03Jüdisches_Museum_04

Stadt Göppingen
Archiv und Museen
D-73033 Göppingen

Ranger Design
D-70469 Stuttgart
und Karl-Heinz Rueß

The museum is dedicated to the history of the Jewish population in Jebenhausen near Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg and was established in the village’s for contributes new insights, as well as addressing the culture of remembrance and venturing a look into the future. Both the original and new designs are the work of the same firm. Primarily designed for the communication of knowledge, the concept is mindful of the historical religious architecture, expands and contracts, like a second level of history lying over the fabric of the building. The new design is conceived as an evolution, for the most part the existing fixtures and display cases were modified and reused.

The combination of site and subject is intriguing in itself. The exhibition integrates with the interior of the church very well and respects
the role it plays. Nevertheless, the new design is very striking, takes an objective approach and is enhanced by the accompanying