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Kickerland Steckkicker
Table Football

Credits: b+a Vertriebs GmbH
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b+a Vertriebs GmbH
D-74360 Ilsfeld


Suitable for multiple players, table football comes with a big fun factor and is an enduring favourite with games fans. That makes it attractive for the promotional merchandise market too. This slot-together, customprintable version of the game in miniature format breaks new ground: whereas conventional specimens of this size consist of five to seven different
materials, this one is made entirely from birch multiplex. The waterjet cutting technique means only one mechanical process is necessary, and the absence of a playing surface saves 40 percent in terms of the amount of material required. What’s more, rather than taking up valuable storage space, the game is simply taken apart when not in use.

Despite its small dimensions, the promotional table football game is surprisingly good to play with. The product is fun and makes you want to try it out the minute you see it.