Küschall Visualizer
Product Configurator

Credits: Küschall AG I UP Design GmbH & Co. KG

Küschall AG
CH-4108 Witterswil

UP Designstudio GmbH & Co. KG
D-70469 Stuttgart

Because they permit such a wide range of options and combinations, highly customisable products – like wheelchairs, for instance – are particularly challenging to visualise with traditional means. This interactive configurator is different: it uses a digital showroom to present the entire range of possibilities, while simultaneously providing detailed information about the components selected. Users are guided through the portfolio intuitively without having to install any special software – a standard browser is all that’s required. Even so, the customised wheelchairs are instantly depicted as 3D models complete with shadows, reflections and textures. The datasheet generated at the end of the configuration process serves as the basis for ordering the wheelchair. The configurator is intended as a tool for dealers’ sales advisors or as a way for customers to inform themselves beforehand.

The way the browser-based online tool is structured is extremely clear and easy to understand. It reduces the complexity of configuring the wheelchair to suit customers’ highly individual wants and needs. The three-dimensional, rotatable visualisation of the many different options in real time is extremely user-friendly. The visualiser is a prime example of how to depict highly customisable products in a meaningful way and ensure a positive user experience.