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Credits: Hahn Automation GmbH I Dreikant
Hahn, Hahn_01Hahn_02

Hahn Automation GmbH
D- 55494 Rheinböllen

D- 99423 Weimar

The product family consists of three machines with an identical volume and design but different functions. Intended for small-scale production or laboratory use, they map spray dispensing, pressing and screwing in
automated, modular processes. The system is configured via a tablet with specially developed, intuitive software based on graphics and symbols – no programming knowledge is required. The intelligent menu navigation guides users through the setup process step by step. The user interface resembles the familiar appearance of a smartphone.

This is the kind of design that could make Industry 4.0 succeed. Thanks to the visually and intuitively accessible interface, even untrained employees can set up the processes. This is a prime example of excellent usability in the B2B sector.