Floor Lamp


Credits: Mawa Design

Mawa Design
Licht- und Wohnideen
D-14552 Michendorf

Inhouse und
Aloys F. Gangkofner †

The delicate ribbed texture of the voluminous flashed glass shade is evocative of a Chinese lantern – except that rather than hanging in the air it hovers close to the floor, permanently anchored to a metal tripod. The handmade glass vessel is based on designs by Aloys F. Gangkofner from the 1950s and 1960s. Together with the integrated LED dim2warm light source, its milky colouring creates an extremely atmospheric light. The LED technology produces luminous flux of up to 806 lumens; a foot switch is used to control the seamless, flicker-free dimming function. A removable cover protects the inside of the luminaire and provides easy access when the light source needs changing.

Stylistically, this luminaire is in a league of its own. The large glass vessel and the precision that has gone into its production are fascinating, every detail is perfect: its physical appearance and the lighting effect make this luminaire a very special element of the interior.