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Automotive Diagnostic Device

Credits: Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH I Defortec GmbH

Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH
D-79241 Ihringen

Defortec GmbH
D-72135 Dettenhausen

Designed with independent workshops in mind, this diagnostic device can read the data from vehicles by a wide range of manufacturers. The im - pact-resistant housing is made to withstand the tough everyday conditions in a garage environment and features reinforced corners that visualise its robustness. The concept centres on the usage scenario: the cable with the diagnostic connector is coiled into a groove around the circumference of the device, for instance, and the connector itself is held in place by an integrated magnet for extra protection. Scrolling green lights in the housing signal to workshop staff that the data transmission is in progress. A large hook element on the back of the device is used to hang it from the vehicle’s half-open side window – a position that improves the wireless connection with the paired notebook or tablet that performs the actual diagnosis.

The device is enough to warm an industrial designer’s heart: all the functions and details have been meticulously thought through.
A straightforward solution has been found for the often-neglected cable management dilemma, the design facilitates the inductive charging process, every detail is meaningful. The LEDs in the connector, for example, help locate the diagnostic socket in the car’s footwell.