Q Four
Luminaire Family

Credits: Nimbus Group GmbH
DesignRoom_01DesignRoom_02, Q One_in_black

Nimbus Group GmbH
D-70469 Stuttgart

Dietrich Brennenstuhl, Hannes Roeder,
Moritz Merkel

Specially developed lenses make it possible to focus the LED light almost entirely without scattering. In addition, the small openings through which the light is emitted and glare suppression ensure that the four LED light sources are not really discernible as such. As a result, the light appears to come straight out of a black box and creates precisely defined areas of brightness on the surfaces to be illuminated, making them look unusually brilliant. The glare suppression brings a new quality to interior lighting for glass architecture because it eliminates reflections on the panes. The luminaire family consists of four models: a surface-mounted downlight, a recessed version, a rotatable and tiltable variant of the surface-mounted model and a version for track systems. As a result, a wide range of different lighting scenarios can be created with one basic type of luminaire. In addition, the dimensions and radius corners echo those of
Modul Q 36, a classic that the company launched more than 10 years ago.

An outstanding example of invisible light, meaning light that does not immediately reveal where it comes from because its source does not produce scattering. With just four extremely minimalist variants, the system is pleasantly straightforward but nevertheless provides sufficient options for creating different scenarios.