Ongo Boards
Office Elements 

Credits: Ongo GmbH I UP Designstudio GmbH & Co. KG

Ongo GmbH
D-70193 Stuttgart

UP Designstudio GmbH & Co. KG
D-70469 Stuttgart 

Everyday office work is becoming increasingly collaborative and agile – and that calls for flexible structures with modular, freely configurable components. Three different board versions have now been added to the manufacturer’s infinitely extendable pop-up office concept. The Click Boards have a corrugated cardboard core and are covered with whiteboard foil on one side and sound-absorbing, recycled PET felt on the other. Thanks to magnetic connectors, the featherweight boards can be used to create completely variable combinations. By contrast, the Team Boards are mobile and can carry up to six Click Boards on their base, which is made of multiplex. The Monitor Board version has concealed cable channelling under the PET felt, as well as an integrated multiple power socket.

The modular system is impressive for its simple design language and the ease with which it can adapt to constantly changing work structures. The magnetic connection principle and multiple uses for individual elements are compelling: the stool, for instance, can double as a board stabiliser.