Pro Architectura 3.0
Tile Collection

Credits: V&B Fliesen GmbH

V&B Fliesen GmbH
D-66663 Merzig

Inhouse, with
Prof. Dr. Axel Buether

Tiles make rooms – all the more so when they’re made of top-quality materials and based on an individual colour concept. This tile collection is intended for use in architectonic spaces with all sorts of different functions, from preschools to swimming pools and restaurants. It includes glazed non-vitreous tiles for the wall as well as glazed vitreous and unglazed porcelain stoneware for the wall and floor, all available in different colours. Besides aesthetic aspects, the impact the colours have on the space beyond their purely decorative effect was a key consideration in the development of the colour system.

As well as offering an inspiring assortment of very contemporary and aesthetic colours, the system the collection is based on permits a great deal of freedom in terms of putting patterns and therefore individual colour palettes together.