Capital Goods, Tools

Tailored Blank Line
Production Line

Credits: Dieffenbacher GmbH I Defortec GmbH

Dieffenbacher GmbH
D-75031 Eppingen

Defortec GmbH
D-72135 Dettenhausen

With its three machines, the production line maps the entire automated production process for components made of thermoplastic fibre materials. The Fiberforge lays the tape, the Fibercon machine homogenises the layups thermally and the Fiberpress forms the three-dimensional, die-based part. The design aimed to find a shared language of form for the three machines, which are totally different in structure. Besides the common theme of chamfered edges, colour plays a major role as well: the focus is on the CI colours white and blue, with light or dark grey for secondary areas.

It isn’t easy to create an overarching look for machines that are constructed so differently. In this case, however, the endeavour has been successful. Each machine indicates its specific function while nevertheless sharing visual features with its neighbours.