Electric Scooter

Credits: Rupert Kopp Product Design

Rupert Kopp Product Design
D-10997 Berlin


The Pelikan concept is both an electric scooter and a platform for wideranging use cases – because it’s intended to be universally usable, the vehicle provides a multitude of docking points for transport aids, containers or additional seats. To ensure this potential can be put to maximum use, the data relating to the dock-on elements and areas is freely available: appropriation and customisation are part of the product. The options for temporary attachment include lashing points, implemented in the form of a system of plugs that can be taken out of the surfaces. The scooter is powered by a hub motor in its rear wheel, the batteries are located in the die-cast  aluminium chassis. Deliberately simple and therefore easy to repair, it was developed for urban delivery and transport services or sharing systems.

A whole lot of good ideas for urban mobility have gone into this scooter, which can fill a current gap with its universal approach. The design is pragmatic and provides plenty of options for variations. It’s interesting to note that its development began with no specific client in mind.