REFLEX² Ceiling
Ceiling Luminaire

Credits: Serien Raumleuchten GmbH

Serien.Lighting –
Serien Raumleuchten GmbH
D-63110 Rodgau


The ceiling luminaire is part of a product family that also includes uplighters and wall lamps. What they all have in common is the understated aesthetic of a minimalist aluminium frame structure with LED boards embedded in it. Their light shines onto a prismatic reflector with the same basic measurements that is integrated on the ceiling side of the board, ensuring totally glare-free light even at full brightness. The colour temperature is controlled via an app, installation is straightforward and the simple replacement of both the LEDs and reflector is a statement about sustainability.

In physical terms, the luminaire is reduced to a minimum, present only in the form of its shadow-casting wireframe. It only becomes more tangible when in use, although the source of the soft light remains hidden from view. Essentially, the luminaire consists of nothing but light.