Pendant Luminaire

Credits: Steng Licht GmbH I Designstudio Speziell
Steng_TOLOU HängeleuchteSteng_TOLOU Hängeleuchte_01

Steng Licht GmbH
D-71394 Kernen

Designstudio Speziell
Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR
D-63067 Offenbach  

The design language of the ring-shaped pendant luminaire is clear and objective – and is given a very unique, distinctive look by the textile covering of the shade and canopy. Nothing but a slender steel cable and a little pulley keep the luminaire in balance, giving it an almost floating character. The pulley is available with a chrome, gold or red lacquer finish – a deliberate contrast with the material of the semi-matt textile covering. The integrated LEDs emit both upward and downward light. Their intensity is regulated either by a dimmer or an app, with the possibility of controlling the uplight and downlight separately.

At first glance, the pendant luminaire’s textile-covered shade is reminiscent of classic models. On the other hand, its slender ring shape and floating character set it apart. The pulley used to guide the cable adds a particularly interesting touch to the suspension system.