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Bicycle Headlight

Credits: Supernova Design GmbH & Co. KG
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Supernova Design GmbH & Co. KG
D-79194 Gundelfingen


The bicycle is well on its way to becoming a genuine means of transport for everyday life. Finding ways to make cycling safer will play a crucial role in that. The lights are of key importance because they have a two-fold effect: a high-performance headlight not only ensures the rider can see better in the dark, it also means they are more visible to other road users. With its combination of daytime running, low-beam and high-beam modes, this headlight meets the most important requirements for greater safety. The high-performance LEDs produce huge levels of brightness and, for the first time, are powered by conventional hub dynamos. High-beam mode, hitherto reserved for e-bikes, is now available for motorless bikes too – and is even approved as road-legal under German road traffic licensing regulations. A sensor automatically switches between daytime running and low beam mode, while the high beam is activated by means of an illuminated switch that can be positioned as required.

The form of this headlight echoes that of other models from the same manufacturer. The ribbing at the back, wide front and facetted reflector – which are actually technical aspects – double as distinctive design features that are common to all models. The anodised finish is just as perfect as the slender clips used to mount it. What’s more, the headlight comes with a 10-year repairability promise.