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Deep Hole Marker

Credits: Pica-Marker GmbH I Winkelbauer-Design

Pica-Marker GmbH
D-91356 Kirchehrenbach

D-71638 Ludwigsburg

If you’re fitting something, you have to mark things. A drill hole, for instance, a cutting line, or to indicate where something has to trimmed. Essentially, a simple exercise. But sometimes, when you have to mark a drill hole through a thick part that you want to attach, it can be more difficult. Thanks to its long tip, this deep hole marker provides a solution. Intended
for professional use, the helpful tool has been optimised for a long life and quick handling. It rests in a quiver that’s securely attached to a trouser pocket, can be removed with one hand and makes a precise marking with ink that is instantly waterproof and smudgeproof. The nib can be turned around and the marker is refillable.

The marker provides a highly professional solution to a practical problem that fitters encounter on a daily basis. Thanks to its long tip, it can be used to make precise markings through deep holes, but is also universally suitable for many other types of markings.