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TUS / DN 100
Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Credits: Goldcard Smart Group Co. Ltd. I Code2Design

Goldcard Smart Group Co. Ltd.
310018 Hangzhou

D-73760 Ostfildern

Instead of a mechanical meter, this device uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the gas flow – a new method for this product category with minimal maintenance requirements. The meter visualises this technical innovation with an intriguing combination of waisted forms, domed surfaces, precise edges and soft transitions. In addition, the design – which is intended for a global clientele – aims to ensure high recognition so as to create a strong visual identity for both the meter and its manufacturer in the context of tough on- and offshore applications. The economical display only supports on-site maintenance; regulation, monitoring and data transmission functions are enabled via the internet.

With its subtle design and white colouring, the gas flow meter stands out prominently from its surroundings, which tend to be dominated by massive pipelines – thereby self-confidently presenting
the manufacturer’s technological expertise. The fact that the meter has to be scalable in order to accommodate different pipe diameters must have been a particularly challenging objective for the design concept.