Design expertise as a route to success

The Design Center Baden-Württemberg is presenting the exhibition SUCCESS FACTOR DESIGN 2021 in collaboration with Karlsruhe District Government!


The activities of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg
The Design Center Baden-Württemberg promotes dialogue between industry and the design sector, raises public awareness of the criteria for good design and shows companies that design expertise can help them successfully differentiate themselves from competitors – as impressively demonstrated by the exhibitors.

Award-winning companies and design agencies
The Design Center has been holding the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award FOCUS OPEN since 1991. Every year, it invites manufacturers and designers from all over the world to enter their latest innovations for the sought-after FOCUS accolade. The prize-winning works from 2020 are presented in the exhibition.

All the information about the winners of the Focus Open 2020 competition is available here:


Up-and-coming designers from Baden-Württemberg
The ENTDECKT! format is a very special initiative by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg. The underlying idea: to track down design talents from Baden-Württemberg and give them the opportunity to present themselves to a broad public.
Design has many facets – discover some of them in our exhibition! 

Information about the exhibitors:

Detailed information about the exhibition and all the exhibitors is already available. And from 26 February, you can see all the works for yourself during a virtual tour.

Photographer: Thomas Schmieg