Category Capital goods

Driverless transport system

Dürr Systems AG
D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen  

Defortec GmbH
D-72135 Dettenhausen   

In future, vehicle paint shops will no longer be linear in structure but modular and hence far more flexible. However, that calls for a handling technology that can bring the vehicle bodies to the respective workstations. The automated guided vehicle (AGV) has been optimised for use in automated paint shops and is low enough to transport the body shells between the individual workstations autonomously. The freely programmable system works without rails or induction loops and uses light signatures to signal the AGV’s direction of travel and operational status. The design integrates the laser sensors required for navigation and the transparent top view serves as a distinctive recognition factor. In addition, the hinged glass cover panel lifts up to permit easy maintenance access to the relevant components. 

A very pared down, functionally motivated design language that is both futuristic and original in character. The corners containing the integrated sensors and light elements are a very harmonious solution. Although the glass cover is initially surprising, it means a watchful eye can be kept on the technology.