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Gypsum board wall plug

Fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG
72178 Waldachtal     


Gypsum plasterboard or gypsum fibreboard is a common choice for finishing interior walls and ceilings. However, as compared to solid wall structures, mounting lamps, sensors and similar elements on such surfaces calls for a different fixing technique with special wall plugs. The newly developed plug can be inserted straight into the plasterboard without pre-drilling – thanks to the heat-resistant metal tip with two incisors and a centring point. The latter prevents the plug from slipping when it’s positioned on the surface. As it’s drilled into place, the plug uses its large, sharp thread to interlock with the plasterboard and anchors itself to prevent unwanted rotation. A conventional cross-head tool is all that’s needed to insert it.

Although the shape of the wall plug is primarily based on functional necessities, the colours immediately identify it as a Fischer product. The self-drilling metal tip makes for quick and precise placement without the need for special tools. Featuring the logo and product name on the head so that they remain visible after insertion is an interesting touch.