Category Lighting

Roxxane R Evolution
Table lamp

Nimbus Group GmbH
D-70469 Stuttgart      

Rupert Kopp Product Design
D-10997 Berlin  

The new member of the Roxxane luminaire family was specially developed for domestic settings – and features forms that are distinctly different to those of its siblings. The lamp head and base, for instance, are no longer rectangular but round, and the principle of arranging the LEDs in the illuminated panel itself has been replaced by directing the light from the side of the head into a deep-drawn diffuser. That results in soft, glare-free light with a maximum output of 800 lumens that can be dimmed via a gesture sensor. In addition, the colour of the light can be adjusted from cool to warm.

A very sound table lamp that combines a good light output with a compelling design. The tried-and-tested hinge solutions promise durability and a high degree of practical value. Because the colour of the light can be tuned directly on the lamp, the luminaire can adjust to a wide range of different situations in the home.