Category Capital goods

Bit holder

Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH
D-78136 Schonach 


Primarily developed for electricians, the long, slender SlimBits make it easier to reach deep-set screws without having to forgo protective insulation. The matching boxes provide a safe and compact storage solution for up to 12 bits of different lengths. The holders tilt out at a 15-degree angle to permit rapid selection and removal, while the accompanying belt clip facilitates one-handed usage while the task is being performed. A full box weighs just 214 grams and the plastic housing is both robust and pleasant to the touch.  

A clever and coherent product that has been optimised in terms of both transport and usability. The premium plastic, the tilt-out function and the multitude of bit types available give the boxes a genuinely professional character that promises a high degree of practical benefit.