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Bottle opener

Credits: ArtenHaus I Marco Jouvenal
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DE-75446 Wiernsheim

Marco Jouvenal
DE-75446 Wiernsheim

A self-possessed everyday object with a cunningly devised lifting mechanism that turns opening crown caps into a pleasure. As compared to the predecessor model, which was likewise awarded a Special Mention back in 2013, this version is shorter. As a result, the cap stays in the hand as the bottle is opened – and can either be disposed of or replaced. The curved contact surfaces are shaped like sledge runners; besides ensuring the opener is correctly positioned, they also prevent the cap from getting too bent, in which case it couldn’t be put back on the bottle. Another improvement is the wider slit along the length of the tool and the clever weight distribution, which ensures the bottle opener stays where it’s put after use.

Even though there are actually already enough bottle openers in the world, this specimen – which has undergone several updates – combines two important aspects. Although the tool’s design is extremely simple, it is nevertheless highly functional. What’s more, the cap is only slightly bent, enabling it to be put back on the bottle.