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Sweet Treat
Sex toy

Credits: Eis GmbH
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Eis GmbH
DE-33609 Bielefeld


Colourful, cheeky, cute – even though sex toys came out of the closet long ago, this lay-on vibrator sets new standards and candidly presents itself as a hip pleasure toy for women who take a self-confident and carefree approach to exploring their sensuality. Depending on the setting selected, the rotating fins on the scoop of ice-cream provide gentle to powerful stimulation of the clitoris. Both the controls and the rechargeable battery are hidden in the cone. The waterproof toy is made of skin-friendly silicone and designed for easy cleaning with soap and water.

Unlike other representatives of its product genre, this little toy radiates a friendly charm. The playful associations triggered by the ice-cream motif add a humorous touch and encourage experimentation. The packaging of both this device and all the other sex toys in the current series is very well designed.