Upholstered furniture

Credits: Bullfrog Marketing Design GmbH I Studiobeier GmbH
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Bullfrog Marketing Design GmbH
DE-96247 Michelau

Studiobeier GmbH
Kurt Beier
Kati Quinger
DE-96247 Michelau

Nowadays, flexible and multipurpose solutions are often sought after for living areas. So with its individually configurable layout and add-on options, this upholstered furniture is very much in tune with the times. The basic component consists of a solid wooden platform built on a steel substructure and topped with an upholstered element. A 360-degree swivel-and-slide mechanism means the cushion can be placed in all sorts of different positions – even protruding up to 60 centimetres beyond the platform. Just two basic elements with various additional features like fold-up back cushions, armrests and stools are all it takes to create individual living room arrangements or even a bed.

Despite its size, the furniture looks light and even appears to float in mid-air. The concept tempts users to keep trying out different configurations – and thanks to the easy-to-use mechanism and logical sequence of movements, there’s nothing to stop them acting on their impulse.