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Micro Air Hopper
Child’s mobility toy

Credits: Micro Mobility Systems AG
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Micro Mobility Systems AG
CH-8700 Küsnacht 


Children have a natural urge to move and want to be mobile. That’s why they love vehicles on casters so much, as well as bouncy animals and space hoppers. The Micro Air Hopper combines both types of toy. An inflatable fantasy animal with a child-friendly shape provides the familiar bouncing sensation and is combined with a chassis equipped with 360-degree polyurethane casters that are unusually quiet. The toy is intended for both indoor and outdoor use and can help even the very smallest children improve their coordination and balance.

The soft, totally round shape of the body triggers associations with a friendly animal, looks endearing and doesn’t create any barriers between the child and the toy. The rubber lip prevents little legs from getting pinched and increases stability. And last but not least, the position of the valve will bring a smile to your face.