Tübinger Stuhl 2.0

Credits: Pozsgai Möbelschreinerei

Pozsgai Möbelschreinerei
DE-79423 Heitersheim


Up until 1973, the Schäfer chair factory in Tübingen produced simple, robust and inexpensive chairs for the food service sector. The model that became known as the Tübinger Stuhl (Tübingen Chair) can be traced back to a design by Adolf Gustav Schneck and was slightly modified numerous times over the years.
The Tübinger Stuhl 2.0 is a new interpretation of this tradition-steeped product and is based on the same construction principle of through-mortise legs that doubles as a distinctive feature of the design. The legs are made of oiled oak or ash, while the seat consists of multilayered birch topped with coloured linoleum. The modernisation of the classic design was given the green light by the chair factory’s heirs.

The chair is as straightforward as it is functional. The surfaces are finely crafted, the legs pierce the seat and are attached to it with extremely sturdy joints. The linoleum surface adds an interesting tactile quality.