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Credits: Stadtnomaden GmbH
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Stadtnomaden GmbH
DE-88377 Riedhausen

Linda Krapf
Oliver Krapf

The variable platform bed can adapt to all sorts of different living settings and situations and is designed for quick and straightforward assembly. The basic framework consists of four elements made of poplar plywood and connected with belts between the head and foot sections to create a stable yet airy-looking platform for mattresses of different widths. V-shaped cutouts in the plywood panels ensure adequate ventilation. The head and foot sections, the legs and the optional headboard are made of birch and produced with a focus on durability and sustainability.
The bed concept provides solutions for mattresses between 90 and 180 centimetres wide and can also be adapted to mattresses of different lengths.

Both the modular guiding principle behind the bed and the simple solution for connecting the individual parts have been implemented very effectively. The construction is objective, clear and striking, while the ventilation slots add a playful counterpoint.