How climate-relevant is


Can design help save the climate? RETHINK:DESIGN Climate Relevance shows what impact design has on resource use, emissions, the circular economy and climate protection…


»It’s really not that complicated«


Can design agencies be climate-neutral? Yes, says Petra Kurz-Ottenwälder. Read the interview here...

Christiane Nicolaus

»Sustainability is driving innovation!«


What can designers contribute in terms of saving the global climate? “A lot,” says Christiane Nicolaus, director of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg. She also believes that climate-friendly design can result in a competitive advantage. An interview about RETHINK:DESIGN and a new departure for an industry.


»What matters is that management wants the transformation!«


Outdoor brand Vaude is regarded as one of the industry’s leading sustainability pioneers. Since this year, all the products it manufactures across the globe have been climate-neutral too – despite the long supply chains involved. A conversation about innovation, the visibility of sustainability and the interaction between design and technology.


»It’s about a different mindset towards the way you do business!«


It seems easy enough for a company to achieve climate neutrality – or at least that’s what all the advertising suggests. But that’s not the case, says Dr Odette Deuber – ultimately, there’s a great deal more to it than you might first think. And that means adopting a more far-reaching perspective.

Max Maier

»The way we live and work in cities will change fundamentally!«


The transformation of a former industrial complex in the Weststadt area of Ludwigsburg has been underway for years. The former production halls now house startups and new businesses – in spaces that have been implanted into the existing structures. Find out more in our interview with Max Maier, the initiator and developer behind the project ...