Only considering design in terms of form has always been an inadequate approach. That’s why, ever since its foundation, the Design Center Baden-Württemberg has been shining a spotlight on the economic, conceptual and ecological aspects of product, service and interface design.

Now, however, the Design Center is focusing special attention on the key issue of sustainability. First and foremost, it’s all about highlighting future-proof perspectives that promote the climate-friendly transformation of the economy and society. RETHINK:DESIGN shows what impact design has on resource use, emissions, the circular economy and climate protection.

From now on, we will be issuing special newsletters featuring positive real-life examples of how design is being rethought in order to meet the challenges of today and – even more importantly – tomorrow. We’ll be looking at enterprising concepts, shining a light on research, and looking for new mindsets and approaches for accelerating design’s sustainable momentum.

RETHINK:DESIGN goes even further: in interviews, talks and workshops, experts will present the complexity of sustainability and climate protection, point out paths to solutions and make the case for a change of perspective – which is exactly what design can do better than any other discipline.

We’re starting now! RETHINK:DESIGN – let’s think the future!