We’re delighted that the reopening of our Design Library is meeting with such a good response! If you’re interested in browsing through our collection or doing some research, you’ll find details of the procedure for visitors in this news bulletin.
We’ve put another fascinating Success Story together for you. Office and workplace chair specialist Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG and design agency ID AID GmbH are a prime example of how a good and long-term partnership between client and designer can lead to success.
The jury of our Baden-Württemberg International Design Award Focus Open is meeting in July to make its expert decisions. See below for details of our top-calibre panel – we can’t wait for the judging!
We also share some fascinating book tips for publications from our library. Whether you’re a professional designer, just getting started or simply interested in design – everybody’s welcome here!

Kind regards – and stay well!
The Design Center team


Visual ergonomics?

Yes, there is such a thing – at least at Interstuhl. Because even with an office chair for the B2B sector, it’s the first impression that counts. A task chair will only succeed if it’s visually compelling, surprising and shows its qualities. Interstuhl has been mastering that challenge for 20 years – together with design firms like ID AID from Stuttgart. A success story. Read more...


Focus Open will be decided live!

No, the corona crisis couldn’t stop Focus Open 2020! Even so, for a long time it wasn’t clear whether the judging could take place as usual – or would have to take the form of a video chat. In the meantime, however, the viral fog has lifted and the jury will get together as always. The delivery of the products is in full swing and the jurors are meeting in Ludwigsburg in July to filter out the best designs – in strict compliance with the social distancing and hygiene regulations, of course.

Changes in the jury lineup
However, we’ve had to modify the jury lineup because the two jurors from the USA and Canada are unable to travel to Germany. Thanks to our many contacts, we were able to fill the gaps quickly – you can find out about the individual jury members here. We can’t wait for the results!

The exhibition is happening too
The original award-winning products can then be viewed at the MIK (Museum Information Art) in Ludwigsburg, where the traditional exhibition will open its doors in mid-October. And there’ll be a yearbook again too, that’s definite.

We’re still working on making the award ceremony corona-compliant, but we’re confident we’ll find a solution. The suspense continues!


We’re open again!

Our library in the Haus der Wirtschaft has been open to visitors again since 19 May 2020. Out of consideration for your health, we are limiting the number of people permitted at any one time and enforcing the current hygiene regulations. The necessary hygiene equipment is available.

Due to the current hygiene regulations, visitors will only be admitted to the library if they sign up in advance by phone or email.
Prior to your visit, please contact our librarian, Dagmar Harich, to arrange an appointment for yourself or your group. She will coordinate your visit. A maximum of 3 people are permitted in the library at any one time. This also applies to groups and school classes!

Dagmar Harich
Telephone: +49 (0)711-123 2637
Email: dagmar.harich@rps.bwl.de

The Design Library is open to visitors at the following times:
Tuesday to Thursday from 9.00 to 11.30 and 12.30 to 15.00
Friday from 9.00 to 13.00


Our book tips

Our latest roundup of inspiring reads

Computational Design – From Promise to Practice

Authors: Nicole Gardner, M. Haeusler, Yannis Zavoleas
Publisher: avedition

Computational design is a post-disciplinary pursuit that operates at the intersection of science, engineering, architecture, and design. What new strategies, tools, methods, and workflows for conceptualising, generating and producing the built environment do and can computational designers use? Do new opportunities to enhance design agency and realise more sustainable and resilient built environment design outcomes exist when thinking through technology? How can the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry overcome technical, economic, social, cultural, and regulatory barriers to implement new systems and processes?... (avedition)

Naoto Fukasawa: Embodiment
Author: Naoto Fukasawa
Publisher: Phaidon 

Naoto Fukasawa’s simple, restrained, and user-friendly products have an extraordinarily universal appeal. Featuring more than 100 of his latest designs, including furniture, phones, watches, fashion, luggage, and accessories, Naoto Fukasawa: Embodiment perfectly captures Fukasawa's perspective on the dynamic interplay between people, places, and things... (Phaidon)

WOMEN/ MEN diverse
Publisher: Mode...information 

The magazines show all creative designers, buyers and vendors the essence of the analysed trends and close-up details for the 2020/2021 fashion season. The next look CLOSE UP series – a ready-to-use, sophisticated and in-depth analysis of current trends... (mode...information)