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Exhibition concept

Credits: StadtPalais Stuttgart I Jangled Nerves GmbH
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StadtPalais Stuttgart – Museum für Stuttgart
DE-70173 Stuttgart

Jangled Nerves GmbH
DE-70376 Stuttgart

Die Fantastischen Vier are already a legend in the music world – founded in Stuttgart 30 years ago, the four-strong band took German hip hop to new heights. The exhibition transforms the Stadtpalais museum in Stuttgart into a temporary cosmos that covers every aspect of the musicians’ story. The show kicks off where everything began: in a replica of band member And.Ypsilon’s childhood room, where the young artists first formed. Dioramas dominate the rest of the exhibition too – the walk-in showcases are inspired by the band’s greatest hits. Another layer of more conventional but nevertheless emotional displays is wrapped around the immersive dioramas.

A very different kind of exhibition to what is usually seen in museums, very emotional, very personal. That’s in keeping with the band, which was involved with the concept and is still active today. A special treat for fans of the hip hop phenomenon from southwest Germany, and well worth a visit for anyone else.