AS100 Chair
Conference Chair

Credits: Howe a/s I Störiko Product Design GmbH

Howe a/s
DK-5000 Odense C

Störiko Product Design GmbH
D-22587 Hamburg

The mobile swivel chair is geared to the current demand for flexible settings and agile processes in working and learning environments. Weighing in at not even 12 kilograms, it’s one of the lighter representatives of its category. The beech shell – available with or without upholstery – is supported by a wheeled four-star base with double casters. The patented
horizontal stacking system makes it easy to manoeuvre several chairs at once and take them wherever they’re needed, as well as saving storage space when they’re not in use. The seat is simply tilted slightly using the gas lever and pushed under the seat of the chair in front. A magnetic fixing keeps the individual chairs in a neat line as they’re pushed along.

Taking a whole new approach to stacking is an excellent idea. Thanks to the specially designed fourstar base and lift-up shell, several chairs can simply be pushed together and quickly moved to wherever they’re needed next.