AS400 Table
Work / Conference Table

Credits: Howe a/s I Störiko Product Design GmbH
Howe_table_round concaveHowe_table_installation

Howe a/s
DK-5000 Odense C

Störiko Product Design GmbH
D-22587 Hamburg  

Ideally, tables that have to meet different space needs in day-to-day office life are light and foldable so as to permit effortless transport and space-saving storage. The table from the Danish AS series goes one step further: it has a mobile base with four double casters, making it ex-tremely easy to manoeuvre for deployment elsewhere. When the tabletop is flipped up, a handle on the underside enables the user to negotiate stairs and other obstacles while carrying it. A concave recess that forms an exact fit with the rounded edge of a second table permits infinite combinations and variable setups.

A thoroughly contemporary concept full of more ideas than it might first seem. Designed for a wide variety of uses, the table’s concave recess – which initially seems like a purely decorative touch – means it can be combined to create any conceivable arrangement and adapted to all sorts of different situations. When the top is folded up, the tables can be placed close together to save valuable storage space.