Seating System for Local Transport

Credits: SKA Sitze GmbH I Panik Ebner Design

SKA Sitze GmbH
D-76744 Wörth am Rhein

Panik Ebner Design
D-70376 Stuttgart 

The system is based on separate seat and back shells that are connected by two spars. The separation of the supporting structure and shells ensures greater freedom for designing the contours of the seat and simplifies the replacement of individual elements when they become worn or damaged. At the same time, the seats can be adjusted on a modular basis via the upholstery, surfaces, colours or functions. They provide greater lateral support than usual and are available with various back lengths, seat widths and additional features, including folding options. Both the shells and structural spars are made of wood. Because it permits a high degree of customisation, the system can be used to distinguish between the offerings of different local public transport operators.

An interesting concept with a very crisp design and modular approach. The seating combines comfort with slenderness and is ideal for customising. The fact that wood plays a key role underscores the originality of the design.