Mobile Treadmill with Desk

Credits: Walkolution GmbH

Walkolution GmbH
D-97355 Wiesenbronn


Many people spend almost their entire work or study time sitting down – which can have disastrous effects on their health and therefore seriously impact their quality of life. While various ergonomic alternatives to static sitting are already available, the mobile treadmill with integrated desk goes one step further. The motorless, maintenance-free treadmill makes it possible to combine working and studying with walking, thereby integrating active movement into everyday working life. The user can take a break whenever they want by leaning back on a standing aid, which blocks the treadmill. Thanks to its compactness and casters, it can be used in a variety of ways – as a workspace at the office or a workstation at home.

It’s no secret that exercise stimulates the mind and helps it come up with better ideas as a result. The treadmill translates this knowledge into a form that’s compatible with the office and enhances the world of work with the addition of an offering that meets a variety of individual needs. Real pros are even said to be able to walk and type at the same time.