Clothes Rack

Credits: Valentin Schmied
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Richard Schmied GmbH
D-73432 Aalen

Valentin Schmied
D-73432 Aalen  

It’s a problem that comes up again and again in most homes: where to put the jackets, coats, bags and shoes that we use on a daily basis? Put together out of various frames, this flexible ash coat rack provides a remedy. One or two shelf panels provide space for shoes and accessories, the upper bars of the frame are ideal for hanging clothes. And best of all: the more weight the rack has to support, the more stable it is – the resulting tension joins the frames firmly together. Thanks to an optional sliding wooden box and a choice of two different finishes and colours, the clothes rack can be adapted to various interior settings and individual preferences.

A charming reinterpretation of an everyday object, implemented in a very minimalist yet original way. Thanks to an ingenious trick, the construction can be put together without screws and stabilises itself. Its implementation in wood exhibits a high standard of craftsmanship.