In late 2018, the Design Center Baden-Württemberg launched a new and very special initiative: the “ENTDECKT!” (“Discover!”) format.

The underlying idea: to track down young design talents from Baden-Württemberg and give them the opportunity to present themselves to a broad public at the Haus der Wirtschaft, right in the heart of Stuttgart. We offer a variety of options: an exhibition together with other newcomers, a small solo exhibition, a presentation in our library or a detailed portrait on our website and in our newsletter. In addition, these diverse presentation formats are also promoted in other components of our public relations activities.

The prerequisite: the participating designers have their studio in Baden-Württemberg and can present a compelling portfolio and exceptional projects!
So we’re on the lookout – and have discovered some very interesting newcomers so far. We’re particularly pleased that everyone we invite is immediately enthusiastic about our format and delighted to accept our offer!

The talents that present themselves in ENTDECKT! come from a wide range of different fields, including product and industrial design, communications, augmented reality, animation and games, furniture, jewellery, porcelain, textiles, accessories and materials research. They all stand out thanks to their remarkable projects and, taken in their entirety, reflect the vast spectrum of the design economy. The excellent quality of their projects and the thoughtfulness they exhibit are impressive.

Exhibition visitors will be fascinated by the freshness, unbiased attitude and sometimes unconventional approach apparent within the individual projects. Their high degree of professionalism and perfection is another aspect common to all the works on show.

We hope that ENTDECKT! encourages all the young talents who participate in the programme and makes them more visible as they continue on their professional path!