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Cable clip

Festo AG & Co. KG
D-73734 Esslingen  

Festo Global Design
D-73734 Esslingen    

The little clip provides a tidy and reliable solution for routing sensor cables. Designed with a particular focus on the requirements encountered in automated plant construction, the clip is simply clicked into the T-slot of the frame profiles and can either be used to guide the sensor cable in the same direction as the slot or route it across the profile at a 90-degree angle.
The design devotes special attention to ergonomic aspects: the body is big enough to ensure a secure and intuitive hold and allows the clip to be positioned with minimal effort. Acoustic feedback tells the user when it has clicked securely into place.

Although this might seem like an unremarkable product at first glance, it provides a professional solution for the ubiquitous problem of cable routing in plant construction. The ergonomically optimised clip is geared to established profile sections and suitable for a great many applications.