Film: Moritz Schmieg

The judging will take place in July!

Focus Open 2020 will be decided live

No, the corona crisis couldn’t stop Focus Open 2020! Even so, for a long time it wasn’t clear whether the judging could take place as usual – or would have to take the form of a video chat. In the meantime, however, the viral fog has lifted and the jury will get together as always. The delivery of the products is in full swing and the jurors are meeting in Ludwigsburg in July to filter out the best designs – in strict compliance with the social distancing and hygiene regulations, of course.

Changes in the jury lineup
However, we’ve had to modify the jury lineup because the two jurors from the USA and Canada are unable to travel to Germany. Thanks to our many contacts, we were able to fill the gaps quickly – you can find out about the individual jury members here. 
And there’s more good news: the judging promises to be intriguing – the number of submissions is well in excess of last year. We can’t wait for the results! 
The exhibition is happening too
The original award-winning products can then be viewed at the MIK (Museum Information Art) in Ludwigsburg, where the traditional exhibition will open its doors in mid-October. And there’ll be a yearbook again too, that’s definite.
We’re still working on making the award ceremony corona-compliant, but we’re confident we’ll find a solution. The suspense continues!