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AOK Projekthaus
Orientation system

Credits: AOK Baden-Württemberg I Typenraum GmbH & Co. KG
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AOK Baden-Württemberg
DE-70191 Stuttgart

Typenraum GmbH & Co. KG
DE-70174 Stuttgart

The Projekthaus for health insurance company AOK Baden-Württemberg is a prototype for exploring what tomorrow’s workspaces might look like. The approx. 1,500 square metres of space on a former factory floor are occupied by a grouping of highly diverse zones: open areas, lounges for lively exchanges and modules for concentrated work. The health insurer’s staff are active there for around six months in order to explore, evaluate and fine-tune the new ways of working.
The orientation system developed parallel to the project enables occupants to understand and use the open-plan structure intuitively. It echoes the overlapping character of the zoning and uses amorphous colour fields to differentiate the various areas. At the entrance, the colours overlap and condense into a polychrome cloud.

The project is an incredibly bold undertaking for a health insurance provider and aims to give the company fresh, employee-driven impetus. The orientation system identifies the individual zones but takes an associative rather than a rigid approach – and is thus in keeping with the idea of creating a culture of open thinking.