Public design, urban design

KTM Motorhall
Exhibition concept

Credits: KTM AG I Atelier Brückner
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A-5230 Mattighofen

Atelier Brückner
DE-70376 Stuttgart  

The exhibition concept stages the brand values of motorcycle manufacturer KTM in a show covering approx. 3,000 square metres. The focus is on the brand’s motorsports heritage, which is celebrated by more than 100 original bikes in conjunction with media stations, projections and quotes from the world of racing. In addition to the company’s history, which begins in the 1950s, the three levels of the ellipsoidal building also detail the design process behind a motorcycle. The exhibition culminates in a kind of hall of fame that showcases legendary racing bikes along with their riders’ gear and is transformed into an immersive experience by a 360-degree projection.

The emotionally charged showcase will no doubt thrill the target group in every respect. The exhibition isn’t a showroom but an experience, taking visitors on a tour that maps out the brand’s heritage and special values. The otherwise understated use of colour makes the brand’s trademark orange stand out all the more.