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Credits: Belchengruppe GmbH
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Belchengruppe GmbH
CH-4055 Basel


Although the cases of the mechanical watches echo classic shapes, their angularity and faceting underscore the originality of the design. The dials likewise play with familiar perceptions: the 120° model divides the circle into three sections representing morning, afternoon and evening, whereas the markings on the Visuren dial detach themselves from their familiar positions completely and are reminiscent of sunbeams or the sightlines between the five mountains of the Belchen System in the tri-border area around Basel. The watches thus combine Swiss precision with intuition and a totally different sense of time.

Despite their understated form, the two watches are richly detailed and strikingly designed. Particular attention has been paid to the dials, whose analogue displays might succeed in making wearers feel more relaxed and easygoing about the passing hours.