Building technology

Altherma 3 HPC
Heat pump convector

Credits: Daikin Europe N.V. I Yellow Design GmbH
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Daikin Europe N.V.
BE-8400 Oostende

Yellow Design GmbH
DE-75172 Pforzheim

The heat pump convector is a good alternative to conventional radiators; besides supplying warm air, it can also be used to cool the room if required. It runs quietly, warms or cools extremely effectively even at very low system temperatures and therefore consumes less energy. With a depth of just 135 millimetres, it can be integrated into virtually any interior. The control display blends in unobtrusively with the top of the convector.

A smooth, contoured front, a flat design, barely visible openings: its inconspicuous presence ensures the convector merges with its domestic setting.