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Signal tower

Credits: Diana Electronic-Systeme GmbH
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Diana Electronic-Systeme GmbH
DE-71409 Schwaikheim

Martin Weller

The days when machinery only had to display red or green status are long gone. Processes have become more complex – and the requirements signal towers have to meet along with them. That’s why the S1 doesn’t just glow in all sorts of different, clearly distinguishable colours, it can also emit alternating, running and pulsating light, as well as blinking and flashing signals. The 50 LED segments behind the cylindrical diffusers can be controlled individually. With its two light columns, the S1 combines two independent displays in a single component, which can be mounted on the corresponding machine by means of a magnetic base if required.

This tower makes it possible to indicate the status of independently functioning machines by means of unambiguous light signals, even in complex situations. The integration of two columns of signals is resolved by a convincing design that provides space for the plant manufacturer’s label between them.