Capital goods, tools

Corporate product design

Credits: Fill GmbH I Formquadrat GmbH

Fill GmbH
A-4942 Gurten

Formquadrat GmbH
A-4020 Linz  

A portfolio full of machinery and plant with a wide range of different functions presents the manufacturer with the challenge of developing a consistent corporate design.
The plant manufacturer’s portfolio consists of a wide range of specialised machinery; the functions involved result in a highly diverse overall picture. [T1] The job of the corporate product design is to create a more consistent look that communicates the brand values. The concept aims to ensure a clear market positioning, differentiation and recognition by defining unifying design guidelines for the various products. This is exemplified by the Swingmaster 500, a machine that automatically decores castings based on the swing principle, or by the Grind Performer R, whose robot deburrs and grinds castings and forgings in harsh foundry environments.

A very successful and well thought-through overall concept with an objective basic tenor. It manages to integrate elegant, consistent design elements into all the machinery and makes the brand recognisable despite its understated use of the company’s logo.