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Horst 900
Industrial robot

Credits: Fruitcore Robotics GmbH I Solidfluid
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Fruitcore Robotics GmbH
DE-78467 Constance  

DE-78467 Constance

It ought to be feasible for small and medium-sized companies to use industrial robots too – but for the time being, the costs and complicated handling involved still stand in the way of this vision. Horst is intended to change that, because the six-axis robot is engineered in such a way that it largely dispenses with expensive sensor technology and uses a simple drive system based on what’s known as four-bar linkages. The same principle governs the design, which has a deliberately technical, functional character that sets it apart from its organic-looking competitors. The robot can handle a payload of up to five kilograms. The housing concept and exterior cables ensure rapid maintenance access.

An honest thing, this robot. The kinematics are comprehensible and influence the design. Its planar vocabulary means low tooling costs and signals that the mechanical assistant has been optimised for maximum functionality and value for money. Last but not least, the robot’s name identifies it as a buddy rather than a rival.