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Knife range

Credits: Robert Herder GmbH & Co. KG
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Robert Herder GmbH & Co. KG
DE-42697 Solingen   

Tim Wieland  

No two cheeses are the same – not just in terms of taste but consistency too, which can range from soft and creamy or firm and springy all the way to hard and crumbly. This four-piece knife range was developed in collaboration with Fromagerie Guillaume with the aim of designing professional tools for cutting and serving all sorts of different cheeses.
The universal cheese knife, which has a wider blade, is complemented by two special-purpose knives – one for soft cheese, one for goat’s cheese. A matching bread knife completes the collection. All the blades are made of stainless chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel and hand-crafted. The ground serrations and convex cutting edge of the goat’s cheese knife ensure effortless cutting. The handles are made of plum wood and attached at a high position to ensure plenty of space for the hand.

The knife range is compelling – not just because of its aesthetic and functional qualities but due to the top-quality workmanship as well. The wooden handless are slightly longer than usual, which permits different gripping options and accommodates users’ individual preferences.